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Agates from Sudetes



15.03.2018 NEW

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Three new agates from Doubravice



Four new agates from Rašovka



three new agates



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Name „agate” has been derived from river Achates (nowadays Dirillo) in Sicily or from word “Aqiq” (name oasia Medyna where in the old days was excavated) or from greek “agathos” mean good.

Agats are variety chalcedon. Arise agates has close connetion with volcanic activity. They have nodule or geod form, sometimes vein in volcanic rocks rarely in sedimentary rocks. The stons arising in hydrotermal conditions. Chalcedon precipitate from colloidal solutions or silica gel. Precipitate this substance depend on many factors; temperature, chemical composition solutions and admixture.

On this web page you can see some specimens (actually 258) from my agates colletion from different locations in Sudetes (Mountain range in Central Europe – area Poland and Czech). This collection is accumulate many years, and systematically complete.


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